General Information

Brazilian Mining Expo & Congress – EXPOSIBRAM 2020: NEW DATES AND PLACE

NOVEMBER 24 – 26, 2020

LOCATION: Estação das Docas – Teatro Maria Sylvia Nunes e Boulevard das Feiras e Exposições. City of Belém, State of Pará, Brazil

For more information, please contact the executive secretary of the event by calling +55 31 3444-4794.


– Debate the new challenges faced by the mining industry in expanding its activities with national and internal leaders of the mining sector; federal, state, and municipal authorities; the academic community and the civil society.

– Via analyses of the lessons learnt in other mining countries, examine the relationships between politics, legislation and mining competitiveness.

– Discuss new trends and approaches to improve socio-environmental sustainability within the mining industry and the importance of incorporating these variables in business strategies.

Target public: professionals, technicians and students of the public and private sector from Brazil and around the world.

Languages: Portuguese and English. A simultaneous translation service will be provided for all congress sessions, except the technical talks.