EXPOSIBRAM 2020 ends with the participation of CEOs and directors of mining industries of Brasil

The most traditional and relevant event in the Brazilian mineral sector, EXPOSIBRAM 2020 – Expo & Congresso Brasileiro de Mineração ended on 11/26 with the presentation of the one-year balance sheet of the mineral sector’s commitments to increase safety and sustainability in its operations. CEOs and directors of companies in the sector and more directors of IBRAM – Mineração do Brasil participated in the virtual ceremony:

AngloGold Ashanti – Camilo Farace, Vice-President;

CBMM – Eduardo Ribeiro, CEO;

Mosaic Fertilizantes – Adriana Alencar, Vice President of Human Resources;

Nexa Resources – Tito Martins, CEO;

Samarco – Rodrigo Vilela, CEO;

Vale – Luiz Eduardo Osório, Executive Director;

Anglo American -Wilfred Bruijn, CEO;

IBRAM – Brazilian Mining Association – Wilson Brumer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Flávio Ottoni Penido, Chief Executive Officer.

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CEOs talk about projects that raise the bar for sustainability in mining companies

The virtual closing ceremony of EXPOSIBRAM 2020 was marked by the presentation of the one-year balance sheet of the mineral sector’s commitments to increase safety and sustainability in its operations. CEOs and other directors of companies in the sector and more directors of IBRAM – Mineração do Brasil spoke about the evolution of the fulfillment of the goals established in the “Letter of Commitment of IBRAM Before Society”, a document organized after collecting contributions from 200 technicians of the associated companies to IBRAM and publicly presented in September 2019.

Flávio Penido, President-Director of IBRAM

The President-Director of IBRAM, Flávio Penido, underlined in his speech that the Letter of Commitment, which is a document with goals established for the Brazilian territory, is connected to a broader initiative, which is the TSM – Towards Sustainable Mining program, of international scope. IBRAM and associated mining companies have been committed to adopting the TSMBrasil, since 2019, said the director. “Both initiatives have many goals in common and it will be important for companies to signal to society everything they have done and what they intend to do positively for the sustainability and safety of their operations,” he said.

Wilson Brumer, President of the Board of Directors of IBRAM

“We have reached the end of this EXPOSIBRAM 2020, broadcast 100% online from Belém (PA). And we find that after this rich program, we are a sector more open to society. We are proud to belong to this sector and, at the same time, humility to recognize that there will always be room for improvement and, for that, listening to people is increasingly important for us to evolve ”, said the President of the Board of Directors of IBRAM, Wilson Brumer.

In addition to presenting the commitments and some of the main goals structured by working groups that bring together dozens of mining companies, the directors of the mining companies gave examples of projects that their companies are leading and that contribute to the transition to a carbon neutral economy, as well as to raise the standard of sustainability of these companies.

EXPOSIBRAM 2020 virtual hall – access to the trade fair, the congress, business roundtables, technical lectures, short courses and other attractions.


In the 2020 edition, registration to visit the international business fair, exhibitor booths and the Brazilian Mining Congress were free.

178 thousand participations in the Congress panels

7,700 subscribers

51 virtual stands

14 thousand visits to the Virtual Fair stands

33 panels

31 technical lectures

183 speakers

Business Rounds:

  •  460 suppliers registered in the Business Rounds
  • 134 suppliers selected by 14 mining companies
  • 210 business roundtables between suppliers and mining companies

7 short courses

11 Sponsorships

37 Institutional Support, 9 of which are media



One of the highlights of the digital edition of EXPOSIBRAM 2020 was the business roundtables. Mining supply managers selected suppliers, who registered for free to participate in the event and face each other in virtual rooms to present their demands and command quotations.

Suppliers that may not be selected will have their data organized and published in a catalog of opportunities for future consultations by mining companies. This catalog is an important business tool and will be available soon on the Mining Portal.

The Business Rounds happened every day at EXPOSIBRAM.


The Congress program included lectures and debates on the global political and socioeconomic context, as well as business prospects for the coming decades.



Executive Secretariat, contacts: comerciallexposibram2020@ibram.org.br or +55 (31) 3444 – 4794

Dates: November 24, 25 and 26, 2020


– 24th of November – Fair – 14h to 19h | Congress – Opening 16h to 19h

– 25th and 26th – Congress and Fair from 9 am to 6 pm









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